Friday, July 4, 2008

Saz and I decided to take a trip up to Placerville to show my grandmother what "all this caching business" was about. I went through caches within 3 miles of her house and printed out a few that looked fairly easy on terrain and larger cache sizes. Didn't want to bum her out if we couldn't find one lol.
We got up Saturday morning and bundled grandma in the car and entered our first coordinates. She asked question after question. What are we looking for was one of them. How to explain that every one we have found has pretty much been different. So we told her that it will probably look out of place. Quick and easy answer.
What a surprise it was for us to end up on a road neither of us has ever been on before. After all she has lived in Placerville almost 20 years now and I visit her at least once a month.
We followed a small side road and came to a beautiful winery. After Saz and I admired one of the more perfect areas for a cache we started looking with grandma. We got the general area with the car garmin and started searching. There goes Saz off in the distance. Why? no idea. She was no where near the search area.
With grandma and I in the general area we started looking around. Grandma turned to me at one point and said this is frustrating why do you like it. lol. Then she headed off to the other side of the area we were searching. Not 5 minutes later I hear "is this it? it rattles?" As grandma holds up the cache.
Here is where it got so cute. Up in the window a gentleman starts applauding. Congratulating her on the find.
Saz and I never got applauded before lol.
We took the container around a corner and I showed grandma how to open it. She was sooooo thrilled. Talked about how clever it was. I let her take the stuff out of it to look at. I told her she could pick an item to keep. She got a big smile and took a quarter. I put in a geocoin and handed her the bag of goodies we keep with us when we cache and told her to pick something to put in to replace what she took. Now it was my turn to laugh. She had to put a few things in. She was so proud.
We then let her put the container back and walked into the winery where we tasted a few wines. YUMMMMMMM I have got to go back and get that desert wine. Grandma bought a bottle that she said was for celebrating her first cache.
Here are a few pictures.
Grandma first Cache and Grandma and I looking at the log

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JennyAnyDots said...

Nice turtle! Slave1 here from AK, checking out your blog. My son and I are also enjoying our geocaching (new obsession) thanks to the same inspiration!