Sunday, July 27, 2008

Our first Micro hunt

Saz and I have spent all of our time hunting larger containers. We were afraid to look for micros I think. And the idea of some super tiny thing with just a log didn't sound appealing. Where was the fun in something that you can't paw through tiny treasures?

Since we are in the process of creating our own geocaches to hide, we only had a half day to search. So we decided to try a few micros and go look at a potential hiding spot for one of our caches. I found it during my daily walk and wanted Saz's approval on it.

Saz printed out a few caches to seek and showed up around 2 on Saturday. We stopped off to get something to eat and then set out on our very first micro hunt. We stopped at a tiny little itty bitty park and began searching. Funny how we noticed two homeless people sleeping away and were still stealthy enough to find the cache shaped like a fish and sign the log without being noticed. Because I live down the street I was kind of disturbed that this little childs park had homeless people in it. If they sleep there during the day every day it finally explained to me why I never ever see children in there when I drive by. That is just to bad.

Then Saz said... Micro's aren't hard. UGH shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh don't jinx us Saz!!

Our second cache was at a library. This one was a little tougher. Thanks Saz! After a bit of searching we finally found it up in a tree. Here is the problem though. We are short! It took some fancy ummm reaching to finally get it down and sign it.

We went to the next one at a school and after searching through bushes for over 20 minutes we realized that we were totally in the wrong place. After moving to the proper area we finally found the cache. Man this one was smaller then the other two but still not what we were expecting.

The next one however knocked our socks off. After walking back and forth along a fence line I spotted this tiny pokadot on the fence. It was the size of a thumbnail. Tiny. Somehow they were able to put this freaking tiny tiny little rolled up paper inside that I was worried to death we would not be able to roll back up after signing. I have tiny hands and this thing was tiny in my hands. Unreal! I hope we don't find to many more of those.

We found another that was just a log sheet attached to a magnet stuck under a bench. We had to wait until a woman got up and left before we could get to it. Not to thrilled with micros....

The last one we found was actually in a playground. I found that kind of odd. How do lone men look when they are searching inside a playground. It was weird enough two grown women searching but I feel sorry for men. It took us playing on the teeter totter and grabbing our inner child for us to be able to find this cache.

So we found all the micros we went looking for. I like the bigger ones better. I like the opening of the container and the excitement of looking at the stuff inside. Micros are fun to hunt but they are missing something.

Did I mention that Saz and I walked through a masoleum? Kind of creepy but fun too.

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