Sunday, July 6, 2008

The rest of the Grandma Trip

After we found the beautiful winery and grandma got her applause we decided it was time for the second cache. Of course grandma was all fired up now. She figured she could find anything. Saz and I kept quiet because we have learned the hard way that right after you start boasting you have a string of not found caches.
Due to the fact that we were in the mountains right next to a freeway we had a interesting journey. We would be traveling along and it would tell you to make a left... well kind of hard to make a left where a center divider is. But we finally made it to our second cache location.
There was this long winding sidewalk that led down into an old abandoned golf course. There were giant blackberry bushes along the side and every once in a while we would find a yummy ripe one. We walked all the way down hill to the bottom and started our search. Saz found it under a tree under a piece of concrete. Grandma had to hold the container and read the log. She told Saz that she had LET her find it LMAO!!! Then we turned to walk back to the car.
I have no idea how this happens. We walk a leisurely walk and then end up with a monster hill to climb to get back to the car. Grandma, Saz and I looked up and I know all of us thought oh crap! We truded up the hill in the boiling heat and were all tomatoes by the time we finally reached the car. Needless to say we needed full blast air conditioning to become human again.
After a wonderful lunch we continued on to the next one. By now the temperature was soaring. After truding along through mountains of poision oak on every side of us we decided to not look for that one anymore. We were all wearing shorter pants and none of us wanted to catch poison oak lol.
The next one was better. Grandma wanted to stay leaning against a tree in the shade while saz and I wandered down this bike trail in the middle of no where. We were searching for a ammo can. One of our favorite type hides. They hold so much stuff lol. I noticed the GPS said it was up the side of this hill. Well I am deathly afraid of heights so poor Saz had to climb. I'm pointing to areas and she is the mountain goat. When we found it it was so full! So there I am at the bottom wishing I was at the top stareing longingly at Saz with her hands in the Cache. We ended up rescuing a dinosaur TB and a boyscout travel bug and leaving a firefighting travel bug there. It seemed fitting since California is on fire lol.
After taking a while to see if Saz could get down the hill without killing herself we headed our sweaty dirty selves off to the last one for the day. You could see that Grandma was tired. We thought we were going to another winery. Start the day wine tasting end the day wine tasting. Nope. We ended up in a vineyard. I ended up scrabbling along the side of this cliff thing while Saz ended up in some drainage ditch and grandma sat in the car with the air conditioning. The cache ended up being on the guardrail between Saz and I so neither of us actually had to do the mountain climbing in the first place lol.
When we got back in the car grandma kept talking about how she stayed in the car to let us have a chance to find some caches since if she went looking we wouldn't have found any lol.
We had a blast and will be going again down here soon.
Saz just bought her new cache bag so we need to fill that up with stuff and we will be ready. Now... if we could just remember to bring some water lol

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