Monday, August 24, 2009

A slow caching day is better then no caching!

FINALLY!!!! Time to get back to caching. After what seems like months of doing this and that and no time for caching we made some time. I think we both needed it.
We hopped in the car to head out for our first cache of the day and arrived at this cute little park in the middle of no where. There was this little pathway of fruit trees running alongside a community garden. We decided to make a game of what kind of fruit tree am I as we walked by them. We suck at figuring out fruit trees by the way.
At the last tree (which was a apple tree) we stopped and I picked a likely looking apple to munch on as we walked to the cache. No sooner had I picked that apple then a woman in the community garden started yapping to us about apple abusers. To prove that I was not a apple abuser I took a bite of the apple. Which happened to be one of the nastiest apples I have ever eaten in my life. I looked at Saz and tried to smile as we walked away from the woman. She kept telling me to throw the apple away but I was damn determined to eat that apple from hell.... well just in case apple abuse lady was watching me LMAO!
We walked around the community garden and followed a little pathway by some lakes until we found the spot where the cache was suppose to be. We started our search and I was frightened out of my mind by a cat in the bushes. Saz was having a fit about a nest of wasps and to top it all off the darn thing was inside blackberry bushes. Yup GREAT CACHE!. No it wasn't to bad. We actually did have fun.

We hopped back in the car and headed out to the next one. It was kind of strange since it said it was on public property but the gps led us directly to the front of someone's house. Who was having a open house. We did find the cache but it was not our favorite of the day.

The next cache had us driving a ways. The description said we would get to a combo of old and new houses. It wasn't until we were almost at the cache that we understood what they meant by that. It was interesting to see old farm style homes mixed in with cookie cutter style homes. We parked and started searching along this fence line. Sazy with her eagle eye found this one fairly quickly.

Off for the next one. We had to park in this little out of the way parking lot and walk down a trail to a creek that we have actually spent a lot of time at caching. We walked on the bridge and walked on the path and finally zeroed in on where we needed to be. There were muggles everywhere. In fact as we were looking a half naked muggle man comes right to where we were, bends down on a log next to us and starts doing.... ummmm can't exactly call them push ups....ummmm let's just say he looked like he was getting happy with the ground.
After the ground humper left we found the cache which turned out to be the first leg of a multi cache. Now we didn't know it was a multi cache when we went to find it but we decided why not. So off we went with our new destination.
It was hot by the way. And we were walking along side a lovely creek. A incredibly large should probably be called a river creek. Yup you guessed it. That cache was on the other side of that stupid creek. We walked a bit farther to see if we would come to a bridge but no dice. So we decided to heck with it we will look for this second leg later.

The next cache had us driving through a very fancy neighborhood. VERY FANCY. We stopped the car and found this little tiny side trail. We started walking and you know what it was beautiful. There was a tiny creek filled with fish and water plants. There were big giant houses tucked away. It was shady and sunny at the same time. It was just a perfect little path to follow. Sazy made the find and I had a few moments of "oh please don't drop that in the creek" but we made it out all right. I really enjoyed that path.

The last cache of the day (man we are totally slipping on cache counts here) was to be a giant cache. Sazy and I love those monster filled up with goodies caches. So we were pretty darn excited about this find.
It was hot and sticky and we had to walk through dried grass and bamboo. We found the cache inside a old rotted tree. After rifling through it we decided to walk to the creek that I knew was nearby. The first spot was kind of icky so we walked a little farter and found a wonderful spot under a bridge. I took off my shoes and put my feet in the water. Oh sweet bliss!
I told Sazy to do the same. About now is where I realize I am forever making her do things. Go to the American idol concert with me. Go to Green Day with me. Eat this Dim sum. Eat this sushi. Let's do this. Let's do that. TAKE OFF YOUR SHOES and put your feet in the water. Poor Saz.
But she did it because she is a darn trooper. I hope she enjoyed it.
On the way home I picked up a free bookcase lol. Gotta love free!