Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The shopping trip that wasn't

If we end up shopping LMAO!!!!
That was the plan. Hunt for one before dark then go buy stuff. We..uh....just hunted. Besides, two car wrecks and a fire along the roadway made me pretty late. We still packed in three hunts.The first one was hidden across the street from the hider's friend Larry's house. "Larry can sit in his easy chair and watch cachers". Great.
The coordinates led us to a school yard and near the center of the lot with a chain link fence. The fence had vines all over it. So we searched the vines and the neighboring trees, all along the ground and looked up where we couldn't reach. We decided being short people will not work to our advantage. Must think what to do about that. There was a guy washing his truck and I wondered if that was Larry. He didn't pay us any mind, certainly didn't tell us where to look.
Larry's a bastard.
We found it anyway. The hider used one of the M&M plastic tube container things, covered it in brown tape, and hung it on the fence in the vines. It was a good hide.
Then we officially blew off shopping, laughed at ourselved a bit, and headed to the next one. This was near a canal, along a chain link fence covered in vines again, and the ground was covered in deep ivy. The coordinates placed the cache either directly on the ivy side of the fence, or directly on the other side where the canal is. For about 1.5 seconds I considered hauling my ass over that fence.But there wasn't much plant life there, bare ground, and I'm not 12, so it had to be on the ivy side. We couldn't find it, but didn't want to quit, so we were both head and shoulders digging in the plants. The clue said something like "you would find this in a leprechaun's mouth", and after all my dirtier thoughts passed (lol ), I suggested we look for a pipe. Hello found it and examined it carefully.
We were head and shoulders in the bushes again. I imagined someone driving by and noticing the asses sticking out of the bushes .
Oh look! An ass bush!
We tried our best, and we were in the right spot, but it wasn't there or we flat couldn't see it. So on we went.Riding in the car to the third, I realize I have little scratches all over my hands and 100 leaves in my hair. I had gloves in the car, but I didn't want to carry them or carry my purse so I've got to get on the cachepack problem.
Hello, didn't we see the little bags we want at Macy's? With a cute little monkey toy grabber thing? I've still got that gift card.
So we get to the third hunt. I figure why bother with gloves now and leave them in the car. We had more trouble finding the search spot this time, but we did get there. It's starting to get dark, and we are head and shoulders in the bushes again. It was a big group of bushes with a trail through them just the right size for a three year old. So I am crawling around on my hands and knees and the bushes are catching at and trying to rip my top off. The flashlight would have come in handy here, but my pockets carried only toys to leave behind. The flashlight was in the car. Must get a damn PACK! Hello finally found it. A green box in a green bush in the near dark! She also got poked in the neck with a stick. :(
Then she pointed out that we were in the same park as one cache we could not previously find, so we decided to see if anything had changed. As we cross the park, half the sprinklers come on and I wonder if we are going to make it. We only take a quick glance because it's pretty dark now, and the spot is still ransacked, and we manage to get back without getting sprinkled.Then we laughed at ourselves all the way back to Hello's and now I've got to comb leaves out of my hair and wash up. I see I picked up some spider webs, too.

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