Wednesday, June 11, 2008

awwwwwww a turtle

and now the continuation of the Adventures of Saz and Hello
I printed out a bunch of caches for Saz and I to find on Saturday and included one that we didn't find the last time. My anal nature came out and I "borrowed" a tool box from Mr. Hello to put all of our swag and toys in. So by the time she got here I had everything lined up on the table ready for her inspection. We oooed and ahhhhed over what we each had gotten in the mail. Saz got travel bugs and I got two ammo cans and two geocoins. And then we hopped in the car.We pulled up to the first hunt which just happened to be the one that we missed last time we went out. We got out and walked over to the area and started looking. And we looked. And looked. And LOOKED. At one point I could no longer see Saz. Kind of freaked me out a bit. I yelled "SAZ" I hear "over here" coming from a bush. You completely couldn't see her inside that bush. I laughed and we decided we had spent enough time looking. Turns out we spent a hour. So that was Do not find #2. Pissed us both off. We will find that damn thing.
We got back in the car grumbling a bit. We proceeded to find a few and not find a few. At one of our not founds I had to actually laugh out loud when I looked over at Saz as she lay down on the ground in the leaves under a bush Some of the best finds for the day were totally fun. We actually went to a cemetery. Have I told you how much I love cemeteries? We walked around and said hi to the guys relatives. I found the cache inside this wonderful old tree. It was tiny but just the location was great.
One of the locations was in front of a office max. We kept walking back to the light pole where it said it was and then spread out. Turns out it was inside the bottom of the pole. Who knew those things lifted.
We also did a multi. Where we had to go to one location in order to find the cache location. We had to walk a maze on the ground while writing numbers next to the authors names in the order they were on the ground. I did the walk while Sazy did the numbering. I felt like a goon walking in circles but it turned out fun. We then head off to find the cache. After walking around a nice lake I see something on the path up above.
A Turtle!!!
So off I go about a hundred miles an hour. Saz probably thought I was loony. I pick up this cute little water turtle. Saz actually knew the name of it. Red eared..lkfj;kaf;kf;ajs. hell I can't remember. We walked it to the lake and I set it down. You should have seen that sucker move once it realized it was free! Then we walked the rest of the way to the cache. It was in blackberry bushes.
Sorry Saz .
We got a beautiful butterfly geocoin from it. As we are walking back Saz says she almost fell in the lake. I missed that. *snort.
These caches are totally out of order by the way.
We decided to go rescue a trading bug from a cache in a park called Vasona. We pull up and there is this giant party going on. But we seem to be the worlds worst stealth people on the planet so we went for it. Walking through ivy. I hate ivy. walking back and forth across the street. Walking back into the park... walking through the fucking ivy again. Finally saz finds it. No it wasn't in the ivy. We rescued the travel bug and because I had gotten so irritated... errr pissed off... I kept our other travel bug to put somewhere else. Stupid cache UGH.
Another cache we went for was good for some laughs. As we pulled up in the parking lot there was a group of rennisaunce (sp) people.. ok.. err budget rennisaunce (sp) people. I guess they were playing swords in the park We hopped out and walked up this path. As we got to a turning point we saw 5 deer. They were beautiful. The spot was beautiful with little bridges over a trickling creek and a mini waterfall. I loved that spot.
We then had to hike up this little ugly trail where I got my prerequisite ouchy trying to get this cache out of a fence post. The walk back was nice.
OH I almost forgot about the attack of the dead squirrel. Saz scared the hell out of me as she comes running through the ivy (yes more god damn ivy at another cache) with her hand on her heart saying don't go over there.
Me-----> WHAT?
She then tells me it was a dead squirrel..... but see at this point I am thinking homeless man who grabbed her leg. Dead body...I had to try really hard not to laugh.... Saz found that cache.We are becoming cache homing devices I think. We are pretty much getting to the point where one or the other of us knows where something is going to be. For example I walked up to the fence post and just grabbed the lid without looking anywhere else. I just reached in a tree hole. Saz finds things in spots I wouldn't think to look at. I can't wait to go again
When are we going Saz?
ooo Saz took pictures of the turtle

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