Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Creek walking

Saz and I did it again!
We went back to that cache we hadn't found on Wednesday. The one with the ass bush. This time we found it!!! It is funny how finding a cache that you have previously not found makes you proud while at the same time makes you feel like an idiot lol
We next set off with the intention of starting at a beautiful park with a creek running through it. There were two caches along a trail.. well actually there were three but because I am not a premium member (yet) I couldn't see one. We hopped out of the truck and walked along this wonderful trail filled with flowers. And different beautiful trees. We had a great time. We did run across a few punk children on the trail who barked at us and made me want to turn them over my knee and spank the hell out of them. I hate punk children. I really should have started chasing after them just to scare them lol....
After some searching I found the first container. We logged our find and continued on our way to the second container. What a wonderful walk! I found the second container and we pawed through the stuff and I found a GREAT patch that said Geocachers of the Bay Area. Which of course reminded me that I need to join them!!!
After leaving the trail back to the car we came across a herd? Gaggle? of geese with their babies. There must have been at least 20 babies of various sizes. We stood there for a while and watched. We hopped back in the car and started to pull out when we noticed the coordinates for the next one were for right in the park. We pulled back into the parking space and walked to where the cache was suppose to be. We searched and searched and never found the darn thing :(
We hopped back in the car and were off to the next hide. This was a hide on private property. It was one of the best caches we have run across yet. Tacked to a utility wall was a bird house that said it was a cache. However we couldn't open it because it had a lock on it. It took me a few seconds to figure out that the key was inside the hole attached to a string. We opened it and took a signature item that needed to be logged on a seperate website and left a pen and balloon.
The next hide said we had to think out of the box. For some reason when I found the container that was in plain sight I just reached down and picked it up. I would never in a million years have thought I would have picked one of these up. But these hunts have made Saz and I get kind of clever. What a good hide. Plain freaking sight!!
The next cache Saz and I decided to take a DNF.We decided not to try after seeing that it was in a persons yard. Then decided to drive around to the back of it and walked through the park only to have the coordinates show it was on the other side of the fence in that persons yard. Didn't feel comfortable searching private property.
We had a good time searching for the next one. Saz and her eagle eye found this one! I was searching exactly where the coordinates said and she was searching a bit to the left she found it. Signed the log. Took a yoyo and put in a emergency blanket.
The last one was the best though. Here is the log I put for the cache.This one took some fancy driving to find. It wanted me to stop at the freeway. Finally we found our way to where it was suppose to be and there was a family pulling out of the driveway. We waited for them to leave before resuming the search. A little while later I see two men down the street staring at us. I stood up and stared back at which point they both turned around real quick. hmmmmm the hiders? I called Saz over to me and told her to take a peek at the two men.. who then pointed at us. We giggled a little and decided to sit on the ground and wait them out. They left but we both figured they were hiding in the bushes watching us. After some ummm hard ummm searching we found the cache and signed the logbook. I actually hurt myself a bit on this one. GREAT hide.
Trying to pry the top of a pole off killed my arm as it popped off and scraped my arm. I know that those two men knew what we were doing lol.Another perfect day of caching with a great and wonderful friend who gets to write the next adventure.

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