Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Our first hide!! SUCCESS Finally

After the 4th refusal of our hide Saz and I were a little frustrated. Actually Saz was turning into a cranky pants LMAO!

Yesterday after work Saz came back over and we drove to DEATH mountain again to move our cache AGAIN. Now I am Miss Cranky Pants and Saz is fine. We start tromping around the mountain to go do the retrieval. After we had the cache in hand we started walking back to the car when this random man in his backyard proceeds to tell us we are not walking on a path. Umm dude I totally am aware that I am not walking on a path. I think I must have given him the look of death or maybe he heard me call him a fuck head because he never said another word to us.

That did not stop me from pretty much demeaning his manhood for the rest of the walk to the car. At this point Saz is laughing at me…

Seems like when Saz is mad I laugh and when I am mad she laughs. That works!

We hopped back into the car and proceeded to drive to a second published cache on the other side of the mountain in the flat part of the park. We wanted to make 100% sure that we were NOT within .1 miles when we hid this one. Of course we couldn’t check on any mystery caches but we had a tiny glimmer of hope this time.

After judging the distance we hopped out of the car and proceeded to walk around this part of the park trying to find a good location. We scoped out quite a few likely locations and decided on hiding it under this oak tree that is probably over 100 years old. After we placed it we both took steps back and eyeballed our hiding spots for any tell tell signs that we hid the cache. It looked good to go! We took the coordinates. Then turned off the gps and turned it back on and took the coordinates again. See.. we learned from our last time lol. We wrote them down and started walking back down to our car.

At this point we decided to take a few pictures of Saz in front of death mountain since we haven’t shown her yet. Of course after a few pictures the camera dies. When the pictures are downloaded I will add them to the blog.

We drove home and entered the new coordinates along with a OMG PLEASE POST THIS note. Ok it wasn’t as bad as that but it should have been lol. We waited for a while to see if it would be approved but it never happened so we decided to go eat and then come home and check to see if it had been reviewed and rejected YET again.

SUCCESS!!!!!!! WOO HOO!!!! Saz and I actually were so freaking happy we hugged each other. I think we might have actually squeaked out a tear lol.

Saz went home and about a hour later I get a text that says Woo Hoo. We were so freaking happy.

We have had two finds since it was posted. Both happened today. I am so happy that our journey with that cache is over!

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