Friday, August 1, 2008

The hide part 2

Saz and I were so excited about our first hides! I wish you could have seen us giggling as we hid both hides. We were so sure that we had to wait 72 hours before they published them and allowed people to look. The website says it can take up to 72 hours.

Imagine our surprise when in the morning we woke up, drove to work and found out that our cemetery cache had been published!! Not only had it been published but someone had already found it!! That started an email campaign back and forth.
“Did you see Rocket girl found it?”

We were thrilled. Refreshing over and over just to see if someone else had come. I told my coworker Tyler about how our cache was published. He has just started caching due to me lol. About 15 minutes after I told him I went looking for him to ask a question. He wasn’t there. I looked for his car and it was in the parking lot so he hadn’t left. I figured he was just in someone else’s office. I sat back at my desk and opened an email from him. The picture you see…That’s Tyler. He snuck out of work to go find our cache. LMAO!!

On and on it went all day. “Did you see!” “Yes!!” We felt like proud parents. I had to go to an offsite meeting and when I finally got home I sat down at my computer and started to read my emails. I was horrified. This is the email I got!
We went to your geocache at the cemetery today. When we got there someone was already signing the log so we drove on and parked a discreet distance away. We saw him signing, and saw him go over to the tree two times...once with the cache (we think). The second time he went to his camper and then returned to the tree. We couldn't see if he had anything in his hands. After he left we drove to the obvious nearest parking location. Before we could get out of the truck a maintenance guy in a white truck drove up behind us, up the curb, and across the graves to the tree. It looked like he has a GPS device. He walked right over to the tree, fumbled around in the large partially covered hole, and seem to hide something in his jacket as he went back to his truck. He drove off, but only far enough away to watch my family wander around looking at headstones. He actually moved his truck, every 5-10 minutes, but was always obviously watching us (not working or anything like that).
Eventually he left. My grandkids went over to the tree to look for the cache. My grandson pulled out a container, thinking it was the cache.
It was about a quart sized jar filled with liquid and brown solids.
It smelled really bad. He immediately put it back, came back to the truck, and we loaded up and left. I don't know if you need to check this one. I don't know if the maintenance guy was just waiting for us to leave so he could return the cache to the location. I have only bad ideas about the contents of the jar. Even if the cache is in the same hole as the jar of putrid smelling stuff I wouldn't dare to put my hands anywhere near it. I don't want to post a public log with this information. I would appreciate some feedback from you to know if we're being duped, or stupid, or not very savvy. I honestly hope the maintenance guy was just waiting for a chance to put the cache/log back in place and our presence stopped him. Wish he had just initiated some conversation so we could have figured it out while there.


So I had Tyler run and go check on it. I asked him to email me as soon as possible. Of course the Mr. came home and wanted to go to Walmart. So there I am fretting while in Walmart. I finally couldn’t stand it anymore and called Tyler. He told me it was missing. CRAP! So I told the Mr. that I had to go to the cemetery. That I needed to see. Inside the tree was a “new” container filled with human waste. Someone took our cache and replaced it with human waste! What kind of person does that?

Saz and I were horrified. We also laughed. A lot. I think it was either laugh or cry. .. OR get angry. We decided to be horrified. We also decided that was NOT going to stop us from hiding our next cache.

Did I mention that we were 138 feet to close to a micro to place our giant ammo can? Did I mention that we have to haul ourselves back up a huge mountain to move it a little over 138 feet? UGH.

BUT… we can’t wait to see what happens with our next one. We are excited still. If something does happen to this one though we will turn all the rest of our caches into members only!


MaryKate said...

okay that is just awful beyond belief! BooHiss... who does something like that???? My hubby has informed me that we will be taking gloves along with us from now on! *chuckle* we're getting a kit together to take with us when go hunting... including gloves, a little dental mirror (to look under crazy places too hard to bend and look under) and a few other things to move blackberry bushes and such!


P.J. said...

Man. You hide your cache, people find it and then that happens -- blah! Sorry to hear about it. Especially when someone snags an ammo can!

A 'lil HooHaa