Thursday, May 28, 2009

Darn that was a painful hunt

Sazy and I decided to go hunting. We decided to start off with our newest nemesis. The cache at the bridge.

We have laid on our bellies and wandered onto a busy street looking for this thing. We were getting frustrated. However we now had a clue from the owner. It took us about 10 minutes and I have to admit we were a little pissed off! It was not a container at all. It was just one of those stick on magnets. We had been looking for a container the whole time UGH!!. We were disappointed.
But we were caching FINALLY!!
Due to the police blocking off a road we ended up on a little side trip. It was on this side trip that we got rear ended. One moment we are in stop and go traffic the next minute our heads are whipped back smashing into the seat rest. CRAP! This is so not what I needed.

I get out of the car to see what kind of damage is done to my Blazer. (Which I am now positive is a rear end magnent! This makes 6) After I check to make sure my buddy is ok I turn around and look at the car behind me. Holy freaking cow the thing was smashed. The front end was crumpled. Water was dripping. The light was crooked. It was a mess. I didn't even get a chance to look at my car when the woman got out of hers.

She looked terrified. I quickly asked her if she was ok. She started talking about being ok and that she couldn't believe it. She shouldn't have left the house. Since she seemed ok I turned and looked at my poor bumper.

Little thing here before we continue. I have been rear ended 6 times in this blazer. No damage except this time. All the other cars including the guy who hit me and drove away without stopping have had extensive damage. Good little bumper on that Blazer!

My bumper was pretty well scraped up. Enough that this time I needed to get it fixed. Around this time the lady who hit me starts begging me not to call the cops. A woman comes out of her house and tells me that I have to. I figured I did because there was so much damage. The woman who hit me Kimberly starts to freak out a bit. Please don't Please don't. Of course this makes me pretty damn sure that I have to. So I do.

It takes about 15 minutes for the cops to get there. The whole time she is freaking out. In between begging me to just leave right now and me trying to get her information I am beginning to get a little wierded out. Then she asks me if I can follow her home after the cops leave. Now I am a big old softy and I feel bad for her because her car is just plain screwed so I say yes. I have Saz with me so I am not alone.

Then the story starts. How she is on her way to meet a friend whose mother is in the hospital. Can we give her a ride there too? How her mother just died in her front room and her sister from Virginia is sueing her for half the house. How she just lost her job. All in all I am getting more and more uncomfortable. Finally the cop arrives.

He asks me if I want a report. I look at our cars and say ummm yes. So he takes our information and walks back to the car to fill out the report. This is when I find out that my stupid insurance card is at my house instead of in the car UGH so I get a ticket that he tells me will be easy to fix. It will cost me ten bucks. OK I can deal. But still.. grrrrr. My fault.. must remember it is my fault for not putting it in the stupid car when I got it. Sigh.

Anyway, she ended up getting a ticket too. What for I am not sure.

After much looking to see if her car was drivable for a few miles the cop says yes. She is so thrilled. I just kept looking at the car thinking there is no way in hell I would drive that!

Whenthe cop was done she asked again if I would follow her home. I said yes. At this point the cop looks at me and asks me if I am actually going to follow her. He looked at me like I was crazy. I guess it seemed crazy that some random woman hits my car, gets me a ticket and I am going to follow her home. But I do. When she pulls up into her driveway Saz and I wave and begin to start to leave.

This woman starts running and begging us please stop. So I do. (seeing a pattern of idiot here for me?) Please take me to the hospital. I look at Saz and she looks at me and both of us give a giant sigh and say come on. She gets in the car and proceeds to talk our ear off. Seriously. As we got closer to the hospital she starts telling us another story about how someone rear ended her and she got out of her car to kick her ass. That is when she seemed to become agitated. Things got pretty blunt from her mouth then. Saz and I looked at each other like Oh Oh.

We pulled up in front of the hospital thanking God that this woman was finally going to leave the car. It took her a good ten minutes of talking, cussing and inviting us to a bbq where we could talk about old times before she got out. I swear we couldn't drive away fast enough.

We were silent until we got onto an actual street and then we started to laugh in relief I think.

Un freaking Real

We never did find the next cache. I think we were a little stunned.


Brooke said...

you need to be more cautious!!

i actually got rear ended by someone who talked to me like it was my fault and he was letting me off the hook not calling the police.

esss said...

Thanks for dropping by you have a great blog!!!
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