Friday, December 5, 2008

Two Weekends Two Hides Part one

Saz and I started out the first day hiding two caches. One was a log that we made and the other was a real root ball that we drilled a hole in and put a micro container inside. We then proceeded to go on a hunt! We started out at a pretty school that had a exercise area and that is where we were heading. Seems my gps is a little grumpy with me lately so she wouldn't get the correct coordinates. We ended up looking at the clue and still searching for quite a while. But find it we did!

As we placed the second hide in it's location there was a cache we have tried to get to twice all ready. For some reason muggles love to sit right where we needed to go. BUT!!! Saz and I have discovered we have super powers. A sort of anti muggle device I guess you could call it. We walk over and loiter. The muggles seem to scatter fast when we do that LMAO!!!

Today though we didn't need to do that. The park was empty. After many comments about the young police officer that lost his life and the statue was dedicated to we found the cache. This thing was in plain sight!

It amazes Saz and I how many of these things are honestly in plain sight but people don't see them. That hidden around everywhere are these tiny treasures just waiting to be found. Amazing.

We tried to hide it a tad better but it was kind of hard to do.
The next cache we tried again had my gps fighting with me. We ended up walking in some kind of giant circle before we found the cache. At one point Saz was under a tree and she pointed down and said look at this bug. I came over to look and they were freaking EVERYWHERE. Needless to say we took off quick since these weren't your average bugs!

We sometimes don't look before we leap. So I had printed off a bunch of caches for us to go to without looking at difficulty or terrain. Lucky for us the next cache was easy on the terrain!!!
So there we are standing in the middle of a beautiful tree minding our own business getting frustrated when we hear "Find it yet?" I yell back "no!" Then he said something along the lines of this being a difficult one about a three rating.
Saz and I looked at each other and went oh crud.
Then the gentleman left for a run up the pretty mountain. Leaving Saz and I wondering what in the heck.
After searching for a while longer we decided we needed the clue. *shakes fist* Some clue.

Regardless we did find it. It was one of those things where you are looking at something else when an item comes into focus. A freaking pine cone in a pine tree. UGH
We ended up leaving a note on the guys window. LMAO

After I got home I logged our finds for the day and proceeded to enter in the coordinates for the two new caches we placed. They were accepted right away!! It was a shock. Not only were they accepted right away someone found the first one within a little while! It was kind of exciting because it was his FTF.

Then the trouble started with that cache. To far past a no trespassing sign. Saz and I wondered what they were talking about since we had only seen a no vehicle trespassing sign. So we hopped in the truck and drove over to the site.

You know having Saz live closer to me is freaking GREAT!!!

We drove over in the dark and pulled out our flashlights and of course there is a no trespassing sign. UGH!!!! Turns out the people part had been spraypainted over. So we disabled the cache and decided to move it. Then changed our mind and undisabled it. Got more complaints so we decided to disable it and this time really move it.

However both of us were a little pissed off at this point. Here are these people complaining but they still signed the log. Sigh.

After getting back to the house after having Thanksgiving at grandma's house Saz and I decided to go move the No Trespassing cache and hunt up a few caches for the day. Due to the fact that we were both a little pissy we planned a in your face type of hide. I had the idea to use a magnet to stick to the back of the no trespassing sign. Saz went a little farther and camoed a magnetic key box silver. Turns out the sign wasn't magnetic. But the pole was. I will post pictures in the next post so you can see. We even put a thank you for the hide button inside it to further the thumb against the nose potential. LMAO we are horrible!

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