Monday, September 15, 2008

A hunt and a Hide

Saz and I decided to go geocaching Saturday. We also decided to hide another cache. So while I was waiting for her I loaded up the ammo can and got everything ready for our trip.
Sazy came over and we hopped in the car with the ammo can and drove off to where we did the death hike the last time we went out. I had printed out all of the other caches around it so we would have an idea of where they were so we wouldn't have the you are to close to another cache problem again.
We hiked up the side of a mountain in between two caches, climbed up below a huge tree and climbed a steep incline to put the cache up on a ledge. As we walked back down all covered in dirt and leaves we looked at each other and decided that we were going to be told to move it again. But we kept on going and found a tiny little cache at the front gate.
This time we took lots and lots of pictures.
We were off then to find one right by it in a park that we thought was called Miracle Mountain. Up we climbed thinking we were going the right way only to find out we weren't. So down the hill we went seeing what has become a staple of our caching days. A kitty. This time the kitty wanted nothing to do with us. To bad because I love a good kitty lol.
We finally arrived at the spot and started looking. And Looking. And looking. We decided we needed to look at the clue. Not a live oak. What? Saz and I looked at each other and thought we have no idea what a live oak is. We poked around a bit more in the multitude of different oak trees and got pretty frustrated. At one point I got a long stick and started pointing at trees. Is this a live oak? Saz say I have no idea maybe it is a scrub oak. Is this a live oak? While pointing at another tree. I have no idea. Is THIS a live oak? While pointing the stick up in the air at yet another kind of oak tree. Then Saz goes HEY there it is! Take a look a the picture. We were darn lucky to find that guy. We opened it up and had to remove some crud. Like a splenda packet and a golf ball with a gouge out of it. Who puts stuff like that in a cache?
We hopped back in the car and headed back over towards the cache we had tried to find when I lost my cell phone the last caching trip or so. It had been almost dark when we started searching and our minds weren't on the hunt so we had to take a do not find. This time however we found it! Along with tons of cute squirrels playing "OH my god I hope I don't die when I make this jump" at the very tip tops of these giant redwood trees.
We felt much better after finding it!
The next stop was Vasona park. Of course the stupid lady in my GPS thought that we should be searching on the freeway but we drove around and around until we figured out that it was in the park. We paid our six bucks to get in, parked and set off on foot. There were two in the park so we carried our little packs.
Did I mention we look cute with our little backpacks?
On the way to the first one we heard an ice cream man. There is something about Ice Cream Man music that brings out the little kid in people. Before I knew what had happened I was happily walking along with a missle pop lol.
Pretty soon after getting the ice cream we found the first cache tucked away behind a tree. By now we are pretty happy with ourselves since we have found all of the caches we have searched for. We then headed off towards the next one in the park.
We had to cross over this pretty bridge and then hike around the lake a bit. We found the spot and started searching. This should be easy after all it is a ammo can. Well we searched and searched and searched. Finally we found it under a pile of pine needles. Sneaky caches today YAHOO!
Inside that cache I found the best gargoyle statue. I was freaking excited since I collect them. LOVED IT!!! We filled the cache back up and put it back.
We tend to do that. Take a empty cache and fill it back up with goodies. We figure we would want to find a full cache why not let the next person be happy. We are happy cache fillers lol.
After heading back to the car we came across a whole bunch of geese. Of course I wanted to pet them and Saz wanted to take pictures. She even snapped a picture right before one bit me lol.
We hopped in the car and drove up up up up this windy road to find the next cache. We parked the car in a very expensive area and started down a lovely paved walking path. Nothing at all like we are used to. We are use to gravel or dirt. I guess having money has it's perks. We ended up at this beautiful little bridge with a tiny bit of water running under it. A nice surprise since it is high summer. It took just a few minutes to find the cache. We had a good laugh reading the log book since it said things like.. "there was five of us and it took us over 30 minutes to find it". We wandered back up the pretty trail to the car and headed out for the next one.
We had to sneak through a fence and wander around under power lines to make the next find. We have decided we hate power lines with their crackle and snapping and buzzing. At one point on the trail two huge dogs come out of no where towards us. We had that moment of OMG run before we saw the owner. Like Saz and I could out run dogs LMAO!! We found it inside a fence pole. We have found a few of these but we were kind of shocked when we pulled it out and it was HUGE. Filled with aliens.
By now it was getting to that stage where it is almost dark. Where you are not sure if another hide will put you in full dark or if you can make it. We decided to go for it.
Again we ended up in a fairly affluant neighborhood with a pretty little paved trail. Of course off of the paved trail was a not paved trail where we found the cache. We then decided to go to the next one which was only .1 miles up the road. After getting that one we hopped back in the car to go home but instead ended up at a party store buying more swag to fill our cache bags and cache tackle box up. Yes we have a tackle box filled with swag.
When we got home I entered in the new cache and logged our day's finds. We waited for a little while and then BAM DENIED!!
You are 37 feet to close to another cache.
Funny thing though this time we were ok with it. The next day we made a quick run back and climbed our butts up a rock cliff thing and up a mountain and moved that sucker.
Got home and put it back in with the new coordinates. It was accepted and posted!!! We have our first finder who seemed to like it a lot too.
I am going to post pictures from our outing in the next post since I can't figure out how to put them in where I want them.
I am looking forward to our next cache hunt and hide!!!

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